1" pins:

$175 for 500.

$225 for 750

$250 for 1000

1" buttons are available from your custom designs. any color any style!
or, if you want us to design one for you, email us with your idea and we can give you a quote.

pins are also available in the signs & icons tshirt designs for $1 each.
i haven't set up the shopping cart for these yet so please email with the order if you want individual pins.

recent orders:

friendly fire records
astaire (pin design and production)

for custom pins, download template here (make sure you keep the template on a separate layer from the printable image so i can remove it in production, don't flatten the image):

eps | gif (right- or control-click (mac) and "save link as" or something similar, depending on your broswer.)

when you're finished with your design, email your artwork here (be sure to include the band name you placed the order under and the amount):